Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly

5 Tips To Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly

Increase YouTube Subscribers Organically and Instantly by these basic tools, techniques, and strategies.

If you are going to start a new YouTube channel or already have one, you must be known how subscribers can be the most important part of your journey. And of course, you don’t have to empty your pockets to buy subscribers as there are many tricks through which you can increase YouTube subscribers. In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 tested tricks that can help you in gaining subscribers.


And if you are planning to make money through YouTube you’ll have to hit subscribers milestones. Having more subscribers will help you to maximize your reach. So let’s get started.

Tips To Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly


Stay Consistent


Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly by Staying Consistant

To get Youtube followers fast give your channel a theme and stay consistent.

You must have already read multiple blogs and watched hundreds of videos before starting a YouTube channel. I’m sure they must have also mentioned giving your channel a theme because it is one of the most important tested tricks to increase your subscribers.


Choose a specific niche on which you have the knowledge and can create content, stick to that theme. If you are going to upload random videos of business, cooking, gaming, etc, you might get views but you won’t get subscribers as the audience won’t be able to understand what your channel is all about or what to expect from your channel.


Apart from that you should come up with a schedule(for instance, posting your video every Thursday or Friday) and stay consistent with that schedule, let your audience know when they can expect the next video, and what it is going to be about to Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly.


Make your channel trailer and add a compelling YouTube banner.


Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly by making attractive previews


Having a theme can give your audience an idea, but to make it easier for your viewers you can make a channel trailer to show what your channel is all about.


Channel trailer is a short video that shows who you are (of course don’t give away all the information) and why people should consider watching your videos. You can use the channel trailer to hook them and to build their curiosity. A great thing about them is that they are set on autoplay for people who haven’t subscribed to your channel. Think of it as a movie trailer, you go to watch a movie only when you find their trailer interesting, same goes with your channel trailer.

Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly by making compelling video previews.

These are methods to Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly. But channel trailers might not be enough so make sure you add a compelling YouTube banner, it should be clean and according to your brand.


Make eye-catching thumbnails and use SEO for video titles.


Make eye-catching thumbnails to Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly

This might be the most important part of increasing your subscribers as thumbnail and video title will be the only deciding factor whether your video will get clicked or not. And those potential viewers might convert into your subscribers, if you have quality content or if they are interested in it.

In this way, you can make subscribers grow fast.


Thumbnails and video title will be your best chance to persuade people to view your video, so make sure that it’s eye-catching and consistent. By now you should have already decided on a theme for your YouTube channel, so choose an interesting frame, fonts, or color pallet which you can use in all your thumbnails to make it look professional. You can also use Canva for sleek, loud yet professional looking thumbnails.


Apart from that, to Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly you’ll have to make sure that you don’t use words that no one searches for or words that are already highly competitive. Use SEO tools for your video titles and description. Plus, your title should stand out or make your audience know why they should click on it.


Collaborate with other YouTubers.


Collaborate with other YouTubers to Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly

Collaboration with other YouTubers can massively boost the number of subscribers on your channel. You can look for Famous YouTubers with great engagement who make similar content and have a similar audience to you.

For starters, you can search for topics based on the industry in which you are making videos. Check who is making similar videos and evaluate how they are interacting with their audience or the YouTubers and their audience are having a good relationship.

Once you are done evaluating, you can directly reach them through their email from the about section. You can leverage each other’s audience.


Another way to Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly, you can partner with celebrities (might be hard) or leaders in your industry and ask them if they are willing to be a guest in one of your videos for an interview, it will help you attract their audience to your YouTube channel.


Interact with your audience.


Interact with your audience to Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly

And the last trick that can do wonders, is interacting with your audience. Having a relationship with your viewers will most probably make them subscribe to your channel.

To promote your youtube channel try to reply to as many comments as you can, or you can also comment on others’ videos (not spamming), start a conversation, or a funny comment related to the video that you just watched.

People who will engage in the conversation will most probably check your channel and subscribe. Don’t forget to heart and pin awesome comments.

To Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly you can also ask questions to your audience in order to interact with them. And giving shoutouts to people who have subscribed to your channel can motivate other viewers too.



There you have it, now all you need to do is get started. These are simple tricks and trades to Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically and Instantly in one day even. To Learn More on this also read Marketing Actually Means

Also, a Suggested read is

marketing actually means

Marketing Actually Means, 7 C and 7 P of Marketing

(Marketing Actually Means is completely based on my life experiences and research and is useful for all Students, Working Professionals, and Business people or Entrepreneurs.)

Marketing Actually Means

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word Marketing?


Usually, on hearing the term Marketing, the first word which comes to anyone’s mind is Selling / Advertisement.

But actually, marketing is not only selling or not the only advertisement, it is a complete process Wherein, 

We go from researching the market to identifying the needs of the customers, 

Conceptualize a product so as to satisfy those needs, 

Validate the product with the market to be sure about the product, 

Actually, make the product and upgrade its quality to acceptable and optimized level, 

We present the product in an appealing way, 

We let the whole world and the whole market know about the product,  

Distribute and place the product in the market so as to reach the end customer easily and 

We actually sell the product to the customer and form a relationship with the customer wherein in even after sales, 

We try to retain the customer so as to provide him more products later. 

This Complete cycle which I just explained is actually marketing put down in very simple terms by me. 

Marketing is nothing but Formulating the Idea / Concept, Developing, Making, Distributing and Selling the Right Product to the Right Audience / Right Customer at the Right Time at the Right Place and at the Right Price.

In these five terms are, 

Right Product 
Right Customer 
Right Time 
Right Place
Right Price

I think the whole chapter of marketing can be summed up.

Marketing starts with Product Idea / Thought, Its Inception, its concept, its manufacturing, its quality, and its usefulness.

Also, its acceptability forms an important part.

Next comes the customer / the audience in the market.

It is a skill to find the right customer / the right audience for a product.

It is also critical that we find the customer at a convenient time which is called the right time. 

The right time is nothing but the time when the customer will be in actual need of the product or in other terms we can say When there is demand.

We also need to always remember that marketing is not only creativity but in a more broad sense, it is actually Science.

It is a Technology.

Marketing starts much before we actually create a product.

Marketing is not only about selling, it is about customer retention.

Many of us think why should we learn marketing?

I think we should learn marketing because marketing is a long term game.  

Marketing is the most important aspect of Money Making as it gives Direct Returns. 

Marketing can never be outsourced completely, everyone has to learn it.

You have to be the pioneer of the marketing funnel/technology that you are inputting into actual play, because the product is yours, and if the product is yours Nobody Else, not even the best marketing agency in this world will be able to understand the product and the market, as well as, you as a business owner will. 

Marketing is the safest career available now, before and ever.

The main goals of marketing are,

Brand Awareness,

To Generate Leads,

Grow and maintain leadership,

To increase customer value to empower and become a brand,

And to increase sales and to increase profits.

There are several types of marketing.

The first type of marketing is Cause Marketing, where there is a specific cause or an intention for the marketing for example marketing done by an NGO for funds. 

The second type of marketing is Relationship Marketing, this is marketing done with the specific intention of creating long and strong relationships with the customer.

The third type of marketing is Scarcity Marketing, where you kind of put the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) factor in the customer. You use common techniques such as Limited Editions, Limited Days & Countdown for scarcity marketing.

The fourth type of marketing is Undercover Marketing, this is nothing but stealth marketing where you use strategies involving, the introduction of a product to customers in a way that does not seem like an advertisement, which is called Undercover marketing.

When we go to a lot of MBA schools or business schools or Institutions we are a lot of marketing concepts some 7 C’s of marketing 7 P’s of marketing 5S of marketing Etc

Let’s see a couple of these examples,

Herein is the 

7 C of marketing,


Similarly, there are 

7 P’s of marketing, 


Now I can go on elaborating each of these terms but it will all become only the same chocolate in a different wrapper.

It is essential for us to understand the conceptual essence of Marketing.

I am a Sindhi, Sindhi’s are known to be good marketers. They say we have this knack for our genetics and that is a reason why Sindhi people usually excel much faster in all kinds of Businesses. 

It does not matter which kind of business you are in. The end intention of any Business / Service never changes. It is all about Profit.

Marketing is like the Brahmastra [ Most Effective Weapon ever – Mythology], once you master the use of it, you will be able to defeat anyone, anywhere, anytime.

It is not so difficult to understand that marketing actually means give and take of ideas.

Always remember marketing is all about Good Communication.

It is not necessary to be fluent in English but it is important to put your thoughts across and if you are able to just put your thoughts across you can become good at marketing.

Also in marketing actually means, I would specifically like to mention here that there are three concepts in which people often get confused. These concepts are Selling Advertising and Marketing.

Advertising is making your product and service known to an audience in the Marketplace. 

Selling is an action that converts the product into cash.

But Marketing is the process of meeting and satisfying the customer’s needs. 

Marketing consists of all those activities that are associated with product planning, pricing, promotion, and distributing the product or services. Basically, marketing is both research and practice.

 Thinking of what marketing actually means, Some people commonly bifurcate Marketing into two different types.

The two types of marketing are traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Refers to any type of marketing done by the means of Print, Broadcast, Direct mail, or outdoor advertisements like Billboards, Newspapers, Radio, TV, etc

Digital Marketing

Is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

Let us see some 

differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing 

I do not say that traditional marketing is not good or that digital marketing is the only way we can market.

Both the mediums have their own advantage.

In digital marketing, you have better control over your marketing scheme & technology, whereas in traditional marketing it is not so easy to control.

Digital marketing has an advantage wherein you can actually track and report your marketing influence reach and its effectiveness. It is not so easily possible in the traditional way of marketing.

In digital marketing, it is able to customize the audience whereas in traditional marketing it is not possible.

Traditional marketing is very expensive as compared to the low cost & cost-effectiveness of digital marketing.

But with digital marketing, you cannot sell all the products. You can only sell specific and limited products, whereas with traditional marketing you have a whole wide range of products. Specialty the Generic ones.

The reach of traditional marketing is Deep you can almost reach every person in India and abroad.

But with digital marketing, this is not a possibility. Reach as per current data is Limited. Around 50% of India is now digital but the reach is developing and I hope it reaches its Max very soon.

One more main important difference between traditional and digital marketing is that digital marketing is an instant thing. You can immediately start marketing with digital media but in traditional marketing, you need to do a lot of planning, a lot of content creation and as it is expensive you cannot afford many changes as compared to digital marketing where you can change your ad copy in a matter of minutes.

Also with digital marketing A/B testing is possible, which is not possible in traditional marketing making it very difficult to change your ad copies, materials, videos, print, etc 

Finally, traditional marketing is a one-way communication as compared to a two-way communication or call-to-action possibility with digital marketing.

To Sum it up, Marketing Actually Means

herein are my life Observations which should be applicable and useful to most of you

  • We all are born with a Marketing Skill.
  • Marketing Skill needs to be Practised and Improved.
  • Marketing is your Gut Instinct.
  • The best way to market is to make yourself the target and then Strategize.

Sandeep Bhansali

Coming up with a book very soon 

Digital Marketing Shaastra.

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